C., architectural designer, Brooklyn, NY

As an angry architectural designer who doesn’t enjoy my work, I’d convinced myself to accept career frustration as the ultimate reality before I talked to Meg. I looked for help from several therapists/psychologists to get me out of hard times and they encouraged me to adjust my mindset and to be ok with something that just makes you suffer or keep fantasizing that another 5 years of work nights will eventually pay off. My experience with coaching was different and resulting in real and substantial changes. For the first time in a while I’ve planted a seed in my future. I feel more than lucky to have Meg while I'm making these important life decisions.

Marshall, law enforcement officer, austin, tx

Meg has a contagious energy about her that makes you want to make positive change. She cares more about listening than talking, which makes her a very effective coach. Her genuine, natural ability to connect with others helped me open up on a deeper level, and confide my concerns and hesitations I had in advancing my career. With the skills I’ve learned through coaching, I’ve been able to gain more recognition from my superiors. I would strongly recommend Meg to anyone who needs guidance in pursuing personal or professional growth.

Meghan, PERMIT technician, springville, ut

Before coaching, I was at a standstill in my education and career. I knew I wanted to finish my bachelor’s degree but was overwhelmed by the huge list of majors I was handed at my college career center. Friends and family would tell me to stop being so picky and simply “pick a career path already.” Meg helped me move past some of my mental blocks, including my belief that I had to follow my family’s tradition of pursuing a career in education, but can now say that I am happy in my urban planning program. I couldn’t have done it without Meg’s ongoing support and understanding. I finally know what I want!